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Surveillance Systems

Standard DVR and camera systems can be utilized in the residence and also provide remote access via a static IP address. Our newest OzVision systems can be integrated with the alarm system for remote view and monitoring by our central station operators.


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking units can be installed on personal vehicles for assistance in locating stolen vehicles as well as recording the movement of vehicles. This feature is becoming more popular with the parents of teenage drivers so they can track their movements, monitor their speed while driving, and help to ensure safety. We also offer GPS mini-devices that can be placed in backpacks, purses, and pockets to track movements of the young and elderly as well as pets for safety purposes. Our mini-trackers have also been used on boats, ATVs, high value assets, and tools.


Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarm systems can be customized to fit the client’s needs involving standard operation such as door/window contacts, motion sensors, and glass break sensors. We can also offer smoke and CO detectors, 2 way voice monitoring, cellular communications for backup to a landline or for those customers who do not have a home phone, as well as medical alert systems for the elderly and disabled. Our UL listed Central Station monitoring provides cutting edge technology along with rapid response for alarms. 24/7 monitoring can also be upgraded to include supervised reports for the parent who wants to be informed when their children arrive home or leave for school or work. Trident Security Solutions also provides conversion of current systems to our cost-effective and comprehensive monitoring services.