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Voice Stress Analysis

With the ever growing needs for security in the work place and the increased threats to stability in the workplace, voice stress analysis can be an incredible tool. Voice Stress Analysis provides examinations to detect stress associated with deception, the latest in "lie detection" tests. Far less intrusive, uncomfortable, and time consuming than the traditional polygraph examinations, our certified analysts utilize the most advanced technology from VipreSystems to conduct our examinations. We adhere to the guidelines of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act and are members of the International Association of Voice Stress Analysis (IAVSA). From Government Agencies to the small business, we are here to assist you in all types of exams such as:

  • Background Investigations
  • Pre-employment
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Sex Offender Rehabilitation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Internal Theft
  • External Theft
  • Abuse
  • Criminal and Civil Investigations