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Risk Assessment

For clients concerned with internal and/or external theft, workplace violence, and other instances of threat to the employer, our background and training in law enforcement offer the perfect complement to assess the location. We offer insight and security solutions to minimize and mitigate threats to the property and personnel through the eyes of those trained to do so. From minor changes and additions such as lighting and simple solutions to intricate security designs that can limit exposure while providing a safe and secure working environment.


GPS Tracking

Hardwired units installed on vehicles can be used to track engine on/off reporting, speed reporting, area zone reporting, and updated locations nationwide every 5 minutes. The user can download reports as well as be notified via text messaging or email if parameters established have been violated. Tracking devices can also be used to locate missing/stolen vehicles. In the construction industry, much heavy equipment is not licensed and titled like standard vehicles. Unobtrusive GPS tracking units can be installed to locate leased equipment in the event that repossession or location of stolen equipment is required.