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Access Control

Systems can be customized for the level of security needed at each application. Utilizing electric strike or mag-lock controls at the door for optimum holding power. Whether ID cards, proxy tags, or punch code entry is preferred the system can be designed to fit the need of the client. Access control systems allow for the client to utilize the included software to increase/decrease user levels of access as well as add or delete accounts as needed. This eliminates the need for lock re-keying in the event of termination, layoff, or closings. The system can also be integrated into the fire and/or burglar alarm system for maximum protection. Request to exit sensors are installed for egress while maintaining integrity of the system. Video intercom/telephone relay systems can also be installed for visitor entrances to deny access to unwanted parties.


Voice Stress Analysis (lie detection)

Utilizing the latest technology available from VipreSystems, our certified operators do voice stress analysis during interviews to detect stress related to deception. The tests can be utilized in instances of theft or fraud to safeguard the client against false claims. All of our operators are members of the International Association of Voice Stress Analysis and adhere to the guidelines of the Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act.


Central Station Monitoring

UL listed 24/7 central station monitoring approved for multiple levels of standard monitoring as well as top secret/classified installations, jewelry stores, national historic landmarks, and other government facilities. Alarm monitoring can be standard contact and/or sensor, cellular communication and backup, 2 way voice monitoring, integrated video monitoring, supervised opening/closing reports with notification via phone, email, and/or text messaging. Commercial fire applications are supervised with daily test signals to maintain appropriate fire code compliance. The central station has redundant servers that can accommodate all types of alarm reporting including SIA, Contact ID, AlarmNet, Connect 24, Uplink, etc.


Surveillance Systems

A wide variety of options are available and continually increase as technology expands. Standard systems would include stand alone HD DVR systems ranging from 4 channel to 32 channel and multiple storage options per unit with the ability to network and tier multiple units for large scale operations. All of our DVRs include software for remote viewing over static IP and playback using standard Windows Media Player with no proprietary software necessary. DVRs also have audio capabilities for necessary applications such as police interview/interrogation rooms. Cameras can be fixed lens, varifocal, or pan/tilt/zoom as well and can be controlled through the installed software. Armor dome cameras are weather/vandal/lightning proof as well as infrared for low light conditions. Additional surveillance options include IP network cameras/DVRs for expanded systems and integrated video monitoring through enclosed units. We now also offer hybrid DVRs which are stand alone units that are both a DVR and monitor.


Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarm systems can be customized to fit the client’s needs involving standard operation such as door/window contacts, motion sensors, and glass break sensors. Hardware upgrades include sound/shock sensors, photo beam sensors, 2 way voice communication, integrated commercial fire alarm, access control and video surveillance systems. Commercial fire alarm systems can be standard smoke/CO detectors or full scale fire protection including horn/strobes, pull stations, heat sensors, and water flow alarms. Trident Security Solutions also provides conversion of current systems to our cost-effective and comprehensive monitoring services.